Sunday, July 15, 2007

Joke from Belgium meets Lesley-Anne Down

I met Lesley the first time I went to the B&B events in august 2003. I was there still in my wheelchair.
Lesley Anne Down was so kind to me as well to everybody else.
I found here very nice and a great lady elthough I love everybody in the B&B-cast.
I then posed with Lesley for a picture.
August 2005, there I was again at the B&B Fan Events in LA but this time I managed to attend on feet, not in the wheelchair.
This to the very much surprise of Lesley Anne Down who could not back her tears from shear happiness to see us all again.
She was happy to share the story with John McCook.

I look very hard forward to arrive at the B&B-event this august 2007
Thank you Lesley and the full cast for your generous friendship for making me happy with B&B

Joke from Belgium

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