Friday, April 3, 2009

B&B celebrates its 22nd anniversary

Here you can read what Lesley-Anne has to say about being part of the B&B cast:
"I thought my family was large enough, until five years ago, when I realized it is not the size, but the people. The B&B family is a family worth knowing and being part of. I am truly blessed."


Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

Hello George in Malibu, California, Trevor Malcolm here in Portsmouth Hampshire EnglandPlease thank your Mum, Lesley-Anne Down, for her birthday greetings and the colour photo of you both she sent meYour Mum's right, too, about you growing up so fast

For example, the previous photo I saw of you both, was one your Dad took at the Club Med resort in Ixtapa, Mexico. That was August 2008

And when you accompanied your Mum to visit your Dad on location in Romania, whilst he was shooting the films, Anaconda III and Anaconda IV, remember?

On both occasions, you dressed in smart casuals, same as your Mum. Appropriate and convenient for both of you

But as this most recent photo of you both looks like it's shot indoors, I confess to feeling sceptical about those designer sun-glasses you are wearing, sorry. Maybe dark shades don't suit you. At least, not indoors

Unless you harbour sinister ambitions of becoming a Chicago mafia mobster, that is. Surely not?!

Otherwise, it's all good news elsewhere. You've got the professional look perfectly, well done

Interlocking fingers, white shirt cuffs and stiff collar, silk tie, with dapper blue waistcoat, brilliant stuff

Of course, these all pose a subtle danger of you ambitiously upstaging your Mum in her own publicity shots

Yet, I bet she'd also be the first to comment on how proud she feels, the way you look

There's a Mum's love for you

By contrast, here in the United Kingdom, George, there's few 11-year-olds as immaculately turned out as you are

But then I guess you can discretely tap into your own Mum's impeccable fashion sense, unique style and elegance, for tips on how to look your best on camera

Smart one, George. Well-achieved, Mum. Once again, God bless you, Lesley-Anne Down, and thanks again for your kindness, for your good humour and for remembering my birthday

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth Hampshire, UK==========================================

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