Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello Girls!

Girls hello! I feel so bad about being awol for so long, but one I couldn't log in for the longest time and then THE WORK started which coincided with Georges baseball playoffs, somehow I fitted in running the house and a pedicure! I so love my grandchildren but being loved back is exhausting! you have to be sooooo energized and wonderful. Glad you like the owenizing it takes on quite unusual turns, very weird to be with someone the same age as your own son!
Love LA


Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

Portsmouth Hampshire England

31st May 2009
Hello, Lesley-Anne Down, and thank you in advance for generously donating such attractive, personal prizes for Club Members to win, if they're lucky enough

Signed script, Life magazine with you on the cover, autographed 10x8 colour photographs; very generous of you, indeed

It's a swelteringly hot weekend here on the South Coast of England. Sun high in a cloudless sky at noon

And, whereas these might be common enough in Malibu, California, you - as a Wandsworth-born, London Gal yourself - will appreciate how much we Brits must make the most of whatever bit of weekend sunshine the Good Lord grants us

The only blot on the landscape, so to speak, is your tireless and conscientious WebMeister, Gea

Because she has set us questions (like a school teacher handing out homework exercises) for us to complete and hand in our answers. Although that sounds fair enough to me, if you're offering prizes, after all

Trouble is, despite having enjoyed following your career, practically since its beginning, I'm still not 100% certain a couple of my answers are correct

So, like you, I too may have to go "absent without leave" for awhile, whilst I check out my facts. Genuine fans should know every detail about you, without having to consult reference books, sorry

But better than handing in my answers to Head Mistress, Gea, only to find she's marked them wrong

Seriously, it's tremendous having you both work so hard together to look after Club Members, as thoughtfully as you both do. It is appreciated

The rest of us wonder how on earth you find the time, with so many work and family responsibilities to juggle

Thanks to you both again, and a warm welcome back to Lesley-Anne's Blog. It's always exciting to read your news and comments


Anonymous said...

Hello Lesley-Anne Down my name is Anita Kristensen I am from Denmark.I am a great fan of you you are a great actress.
I wish you a nice summer with your family in the states. We could use a bit of the sun here it rains most of the time :-)

Best wishes

Anita Kristensen

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

Lesley-Anne, thanks for taking so much time to handwrite the letter you sent recently, and all the detailed news it contained, great

Tough knowing how to address you now, judging from the content of your letter. Hello Blondie, perhaps? Or, as your daughter Juliana's children call you, La-La?

Even your status has changed. Importantly, you are Desmond's babysitter. Plus Georgio's Mom. And now a step-grandmother, it seems

I hadn't fully realised until I read the pages of your letter, your well-developed and quirky sense of humour. Maybe because it's insufficiently appreciated and therefore not pointed out to you often enough

That would be a shame

Could be it's that virtue that will save you, when all else seems to fail to

Especially at times, when life feels overwhelming and you begin to wonder how much more stress you would be able to cope with

Truth is, considering the Life Events that have assailed you, over the past 18 months

Breast cancer scares, hospital surgery, the loss of your Dad, P.J. and the grief it must've caused your whole family, but you and your mother, Isabella, in particular, you qualify for a Gold Medal in coping regardless, an ideal example to us all

Lesley-Anne, hope this finds you and your loved ones all good-humoured and healthy

Thanks again from
Trevor in England

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

Young ladies reading this, who agree with Lesley-Anne Down, that " ... Blondes Have More Fun ... "

You all wish to know, how it's done, don't you?

Here's wise advice from the Colour Stylist who once numbered Diana, Princess of Wales, amongst his prestigious clientele during the 1990s

First, you need to ask your salon for a "Blondette Look", to make you look fashionable, like actress Jennifer Aniston - only even prettier. Then, leave it to your stylist

Years ago, apparently, The Look, used to be labelled "Dirty Blonde", or even "Sun-kissed Brunette"

Most peculiar, that

Crikey, gals, I'd no idea you took this "having your haircut" stuff, quite so seriously, sorry. Seems like it's Total Life for you

So, ... the Colour Stylist's top three hot tips, follow

You Brunettes out there, who else wants a Lesley-Anne Down Blondette Look, then?

One, insist upon chunkier pieces of colour, rather than those finer-strand blond streaks

Two, ask for a gradually-toned look. Even better if it's blonder at the front, but blends darker at the back

And three, at all costs, you must avoid that "Block Look" at the roots, when you're growing it out. That way, it's more likely to be low-maintenance

As you know, Lesley-Anne, English gentlemen, here in the UK, only visit the traditional High Street Barber's Shop, as a rule. So, thank God we're spared all this "Blondette Look" palaver

Makes me wonder what Lesley-Anne's son, Giorgio, thinks: it would only be a biased "family opinion" of course, because he loves his Mom too much to guarantee us any objective critique

Regards from Trevor Malcolm in
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

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