Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Bold & The Beautifful Fan Club Luncheon

Hi everyone well the fan lunch was amazing! I cannot believe I met so many friends thank you all for making the trip which I know was long for so many of you. Diane good luck with your new life! The next day was the emmys BB won for best show! everyone was soooo happy. Right now Gea is in san Diego at the zoo we had dinner in malibu on friday she looked really good and happy . I am working really hard for the next 2 weeks so if i am AWOL please forgive I will be back!!! Love and hugs LA


Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

You know, Lesley-Anne, I feel sure, if my sums add up accurately, it’s only some ten days before you and your husband Don will be celebrating your wedding anniversary

Next weekend, in fact, on 27 September

Just think, 23 years since the wedding ceremony in the garden of your Malibu home, bordering the State National Park

Surely, for longevity, that must be practically a world record amongst marriages in Hollywood, splendid

Your family and friends must already be looking forward to helping you both celebrate your anniversary weekend. And here in Europe – and in England, especially – we will remember to raise a celebratory glass of champagne, then propose an appropriate toast: To you, Lesley-Anne, to your husband Don; to your children and all family members, here’s to your present and future well-being, health and happiness, God bless

Warmly, from Trevor in England

PS: Thank you for sharing the wedding day photos Gea published in the journal, the formal shots and the candids. I expect Gea has returned from her holiday with a fresh, exciting collection of L-AD goodies to publish over the coming months, pictures especially: thanks again

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

As a courtesy, it’s conventional that when a guest from overseas visits a foreign country, the Host learns at least a few greetings and small talk comments in the visitor’s own language

To reassure them of a warm, warm welcome in a different country, speaking a different language.

Gea is Dutch, I believe. So, I just wondered how much Girl Talk you conducted in Dutch. And how much in English, the showbiz gossip bits, in particular. Just out of idle curiosity.

Of course, I feel sure your son George mastered memorising “ … Hello Gea, you look great as always, it’s wonderful to see you … “ – as you would expect any young gentleman to do.

But me, alas, I’m floundering, finding it devilishly difficult to even pronounce the most basic Dutch words properly. While you spent time with Gea during her holiday in Los Angeles, this month, you must’ve fared a lot better.

Lesley-Anne, as you know, English supports the expression “double-dutch” – meaning a personal language so full of gibberish and lexicon jargon, that even the most attentive hearers can’t understand it.

Sadly, I reckon I speak Double-Dutch all too fluently. And all too often, too. Unnerving to reflect that lexicographers -folks who compile dictionaries - probably had folks like me in mind

Regards from Trevor in England


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley-Anne
I read this article in the Daily Telegraph today about a revised Upstairs Downstairs series, which I thought may be of interest to you. (See link below) It also prompted me to search your name and find your blog. I see that you are still the most stunning and beautiful Lady.

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

Lesley-Anne Down, your two months on FaceBook, 21 September to 22 November 2009, appreciation


Oh woe, this is a shame. Not entirely unexpected, largely because you are internationally so well-known, and stars of comparable status have a veritable TEAM of helpers alongside them, to ensure their online presence runs smoothly. To the point where you wonder exactly how much time and content does the named star contribute, or is it ALL much handled by their underlings, who knows?

My only observation; to confirm what's been mentioned about your options of higher levels of security settings on FaceBook is correct

I know the protocols work, - I've used them for awhile, since I too used to receive excessive amounts of unwanted messages

With your security settings at their maximums, you do get the odd disgruntled visitor, claiming it's easier to break into Fort Knox, than to reach you through FaceBook. But that way, suits me fine

I guess the way things have turned out, that same way may have suited you better

For example, restricting access to your FaceBook, exclusively to those who are fully-paid up members of your Official Fan Club

Sounds abit elitist, I'll admit, but it would've been an extra incentive to convert more "guests" visiting your website into paying "members"

As your Fan Club is a "not-for-profit" venture, the above suggestion will sound frightfully mercenary and commercial

I would hope not, because I'm simply being realistic, when you "cost in" the amounts of time, energy and TLC that need to go into maintaining such an ongoing commitment. It's deceptive and substantial

Most of the work goes on, unheralded and "behind the scenes" - a fact, I suspect, many fans do not fully appreciate, and pathological spammers would not be interested in hearing, anyway

Still, saddened it's turned out the way it has, sorry. And in so short a time-span

Regards, as always, from
Trevor Malcolm in England =========================

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Anonymous said...

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Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...


17 MARCH 2010


For Lesley-Anne Down, to wish you all happiness, peace of mind and good health on this, your birthday, and on every day, throughout the coming year

Take care, God bless, with kindest regards

Warmly from Trevor in England ----

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